I’ve never been much of a celebrity junkie. Well, except when I was in junior high and crazy about Elvis and the Everly Brothers. But that was a long time ago. And weren’t we all a little crazy at that age?

I don’t typically watch entertainment shows or read magazines or web sites about stars.

Then I happened to see the television show 60 Minutes last week and I became infatuated with an American Thoroughbred mare named Zenyatta. I wanted to learn everything I could about her.

I checked her out on Google. I went to her website and her Facebook page. And did I mention she has a Twitter feed?  She’s more connected than most of my friends.

Then again, this is no ordinary horse. She’s a star, a celebrity, a diva. This 6-year old mare is the darling of the horseracing world right now. She’s won nineteen of her past races. (That would be all of the races she’s been in.) She had one to go – the 2010 Breeder’s Cup. After that race she was to be retired.

Everyone wanted a win.

Twenty races and twenty wins.

Zenyatta is known for her amazing heart and personality. She’s a ham and likes to dance for her admiring fans. Even Len Goodman, one of the judges from Dancing With the Stars had something to say about her dancing. Check out this link to see the video.

She usually starts a race dead last and then at the most dramatic moment, surges ahead of the pack to claim the race. She’s a big girl – 17.2 hands, and a looker to be sure. Her owners, Jerry and Ann Moss, owners of A & M records named her after an album title from a music group they signed to the company. You might know them – a little British group called The Police. The album was their third –  Zenyatta Mondatta.

The 2010 Breeder’s Cup Race was last Saturday, November 6th. Zenyatta started as she always does – dead last. Then she forged a path and ran her heart out. But she didn’t quite make it. She lost the race by a head to a horse named Blame. There must be some kind of irony there.

If you don’t know about this beautiful girl, check her out. I bet she’ll win your heart too.

And sometime this week, let’s raise a glass of beer (it should be a Guinness because that’s her favorite) to a mare who taught the big boys that girls can run too!