Somewhere in the bajillion self-help books I’ve read, the journals and professional articles I’ve studied, and the wonderful people I’ve worked with, I learned that we teach people how we want to be treated.

And now, the horses have taken me to graduate school.


Because I’ll tell you this, horses will make you walk your talk. They test and prod and question, much like a wise teacher would. if you don’t believe in yourself, they will keep at you until you do believe.

A trainer we once worked with said horses are looking for a hero. As prey animals, horses want a leader.

Recently, Bud reminded me of this. The past few days he has taken it upon himself  to finish Pepper’s feed.He will nudge her out of the way and then proceed to devour her grain-whatever is left in the pan. Since they are getting meds in their food, this isn’t such a good plan.

So he would push and I would push back. He tried the old “I’m bigger and stronger” routine. If I didn’t know that I couldn’t allow him to get away with muscling me around, I might have fallen for it. He is much bigger than I am.

But I held my ground. Yes, he tested me, just to be  certain I really meant it. I held firm.

And miracle of miracles, he stopped. Oh,he’d shoot me a sidelong glance or two, still testing a bit. But I wouldn’t let him push me out of the way. Finally we came to an agreement.

Whew! Thanks Bud.

I know why people use horses as therapy animals. They are goooooood teachers.

Have you had an experience where you’ve had to hold firm with something or someone?