It’s time to wind this election season up and I thought you’d like to hear some observations straight from the horse’s mouth.

So to speak.


In no particular order and with no affiliation I give you a view from the pasture.

“You’d better be careful because I’ve got my eye on you. One wrong step and I’m going to announce it on television.”


“Please, I’m begging you, stop calling me. I can’t take another call. I mean it.”


“Hey, have you heard the latest? He’s an alien and was sent here to pave the way for a takeover. Whatever you do, don’t vote for him. Yup, I know it’s true cuz I heard it on t.v.”


“Oh my gosh, I just finished reading through all of the amendments. Now if I can only keep my eyes open, I’ll fill in those little circles.”


“It’s getting nasty out there and here’s how we’re dealing with it.”


“We voted. Yes we did.”


“You did vote, didn’t you?”


“Yes, I voted. Now for the love of Mike will you stop calling me and take those horrible ads off of my television set?” Please, please, please.