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On this Friday before Halloween I feel compelled to reveal yet another slightly embarrassing thing about me. I think personal blogging does that to a person.

Makes her want to dig deep into her psyche and then tell everyone else about it.

Or maybe it’s my career as a therapist?

Or the soon-to-be-over election season.

Well, since I have no plans to run for office I guess it’s safe to tell you.

Okay, here goes.

I love candy corn.

Love it so much I can’t really have it in the house because I keep nibbling at it until the whole shebang is gone.

There is something about those little, bite-sized bursts of sugar….

And we are talking sugar.

In my limited understanding of the human brain, I know that eating candy corn is like taking a serious drug. The kind that turns you into an addict.

Eating candy corn is like mainlining sugar.

It lights up the pleasure center somewhere in my brain big time. And the message from my brain: GET MORE. MUST HAVE MORE.

There are few foods that elicit this reaction in me.

I don’t go crazy for chocolate.

I can walk past many kinds of cookies and cakes.

Most of the Halloween candy doesn’t affect me. I can take it or leave it.

So candy corn?


Little orange and yellow triangles of pure sugar, food dye and god knows what else.

Nothing good for a person, I’m sure of that.

Yes, I admit it. I am powerless over candy corn.

Thank goodness the bags of candy in stores will soon go back on the shelves. No more shouting at a person the minute she enters a store. “Hey Jean, buy ME. You know you want to. Just do it. Come on. All that sugar will make you feel so much happier.”


You’re telling me the bags of candy don’t talk to you?

Now I’m worried, because one of us is fibbing.

And what kind of relationship is that?

So reach into your place of honesty and tell us. Which of the Halloween candy calls to you?