Wednesdays with Mija

Mija is not a happy cat these days.

She’s in a mood.

We call it being “harrumphed.”

You see, she doesn’t care for change of any kind. Mija likes her life to be regular and complete.

Everything just as she wants it.

So the changing of seasons is throwing her into a mood.

She walks around the house meowing loudly to make certain we know just how upset she is.

She sits by the patio door, willing it to open. Mija’s idea of Nirvana is to have the door cracked open just enough that she can wander in and out as the whim strikes her. She never goes far, but she loves to sit on the deck and survey her mini-kingdom. Or is that queendom?


When the weather turns cooler, we close the door.

And that really irritates her.

Our evenings go like this:

Mija sits by the door meowing.

I get up from my cozy seat on the couch and let her out.

I sit down again.

She stays out for one-tenth of a second and then wants back in.

If I don’t jump up quickly enough, she bangs on the door.

She’s learned to catch an edge of the cat door and flip it, so that it sounds like a knock. A very loud one.

I get up and let her in.

Ten minutes later, we repeat.

Maybe I should thank her for giving me a chance to move round instead of sitting zombie-like watching television.

Okay, thanks Mija.

My hips thank you.

My back thanks you.

My legs thank you.


By the way, Mija is taking an informal poll. How are you doing with the changing of seasons? Post your comments below so she will know. And thanks!