It’s time for another Wednesday with Mija.

Boy those weeks go fast!

There is apparently a long-held myth that men do not like cats. It’s even stronger than that. Some people believe that men actually hate cats.

Hate is a very strong emotion.

Really? Men hate cats. I don’t think so.

I suppose there are some men out there in the world who aren’t as enlightened as others. But I don’t even want to consider the possibility that they hate cats.

We recently found a website called Men and Cats. Catchy title don’t you think? This site is devoted to proving that many men, millions of men really, love cats. Check it out.

The larger issue here is the one of hating people or animals. It seems that humans sometimes choose to hate what they don’t know or understand. We cats are much more discerning. We make choices on a person-by-person basis. We may not like you, but we never hate. It’s so below our stage of evolution. (Sorry if that sounds like a put down.)

Do you know men who love cats?

Of course you do.

Come on. Spill…

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, we must send a “meow out” to our pals at World By the Tail who invited Mija to be a guest blogger last week on their Weekly  Wednesday Wisdom post.  Thanks guys!