On this first day of autumn as we pull out sweaters, close the windows and return to sipping hot chocolate instead of iced tea, I offer two photographs from the pasture to welcome the change of season.

I nearly stepped on this little guy – a woolly caterpillar. He blends in so well with the dried grass and dirt. It’s a popular folk myth that these caterpillars predict the severity of the winter to come based on the thickness of their coat.

In truth, they’re just doing their regular old everyday thing of being caterpillars. But they are fun to watch. So fuzzy and roly-poly.

As summer slips into autumn one of my favorite sights is the familiar v-formation of Canada Geese silhouetted against the blue sky as they make their way from one corn field to the next, from one lake to another.

While we have a large population of year-round geese, their numbers increase in the fall.

In the pasture it is quite common to see hundreds of geese flying overhead. It’s honestly something that takes my breath every time I’m privileged to see it.

What  signals the arrival of autumn for you?