I'm going to BlogPaws 2010 badge

I’m heading off to Denver tomorrow with my friends from World by the Tail to attend Blog Paws West – a conference devoted to blogging about animals. I have no idea what to expect really, but I know it will be fun and informative.

And even though the title of the conference specifically includes the word “paws,” I’m hoping to meet up with some folks who blog about horses. I’ll let you know next week how it goes.

That brings me in a round about way to gratitude, which is something that’s been on my mind lately. As a therapist, I know the healing effects of being grateful. There has been much written about the practice of keeping a gratitude journal, or making a daily list of things for which to feel grateful. In truth, it’s something I go in and out of. Remembering to feel grateful every single day hasn’t become ingrained in me yet.

Though I am working on it.

I know it’s powerful stuff.

So here goes.

My gratitude list for this Thursday, as they say on Dancing With the Stars, in no particular order:

  1. The spicy, cinnamon fragrance of freshly-picked basil
  2. The Black Eyed Susans that are in bloom all over town
  3. Crisp mornings and sunny days
  4. Blackberry-peach cobbler
  5. Mija snuggling into me in the early mornings
  6. Pepper figuring out that she must eat her grain before she can have treats
  7. You – my faithful readers of this blog.
  8. My adorable, magical grandson and his wonderful parents
  9. My friends and family – the people who love me and are my safety net
  10. The look on Bud’s face when he first sees us drive up to the gate to feed him
  11. A body that still does what it’s supposed to!

That’s my list.

For today.

I could go on, which is comforting to me. I guess I’m feeling very grateful today.

What about you?

Are you willing to share one thing that’s on your gratitude list in the comments?

I hope so.