I needed to get out of town last weekend in the worst way. I’ve been stuck at the computer for hours on end, working and worrying.

It’s not a good combination.

I was on electronic overload, my eyes glazed over from staring at the illuminated screen.

And my brain felt like it had a short circuit.

Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt was the most it could produce.

I needed a nature fix. Most of the time, going to the pasture with the horses will do it for me.

Working in my garden or going for a walk usually helps get me back in balance.

Not last weekend.

I had to pull out the big guns, the super antibiotics for the soul. I needed a double dose of Mother Nature.

I wanted to feel wild and free.


And especially, I wanted to be unplugged.

A few weeks ago I wrote about going to Vedauwoo, in Wyoming between Cheyenne and Laramie, and how it’s one of my heart places.

Another of those is the Snowy Range, west of Laramie.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a magical place.

A power place.

A place of healing.

I’ve gone to Snowy Range nearly every summer since I was a little girl.

Years ago I learned to downhill ski there.

I’ve camped and hiked and picnicked.

I’ve roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over a blazing campfire.

I’ve huddled in a tent waiting out the rain.

I’ve chilled watermelon in a snow bank.

I’ve catalogued wildflowers and spent hours watching marmots at play.

I’ve dipped my tired feet into icy streams.

I’ve felt that good kind of exhaustion from physically pushing myself beyond anything I thought I could ever do.

So when I was in need of a dose of nature, Rick and I decided it had to be Snowy Range. We only had one day, not enough time by a long shot, but we made the best of the time we did have.

There is something about the wide-open spaces of Wyoming that immediately soothes me.

Yes, it’s home and hardwired into my psyche. But also, I think it’s the uncluttered prairie that helps my overly cluttered brain relax.

Not even fifteen minutes out of town, I started to breathe easier. The day was cloudy and overcast. I got lost watching the sky and the many shades of gray in the clouds. It was stunning really, so many variations of color.

We drove through Laramie and headed west toward the little town of Centennial. All the while, my brain continued to un-kink, unwind and relax.

We didn’t talk much. I didn’t even want music.

I just drank in the landscape that I’ve loved for so much of my life.

We had no plan, no agenda, and that suited me just fine.

Harleys lined up in front of the historic Wolf Hotel

On a lark, we decided to drive on to Saratoga for a late lunch.

It was all good.

In Saratoga, our noses led us to an amazing restaurant – Tommy’s Smokehouse BBQ.

As Rachel Ray would say – delish!

It was really a “find” – the Pants on Fire sauce was fabulous, the pulled pork tender and smoked to perfection. The Kaiser roll was soft and tasty.

Yum to all of it.

And the best part?  I felt better. Much better.

Good food, a healthy dose of Mother Nature, and time with my husband were doing their magic.

What do you do to recharge your batteries?

P.S Tomorrow, more about Snowy Range and the moose. Stay tuned!