Mija napping in the garden

It’s time for another Wednesday with Mija – our wise and witty little earless cat.

At our house we get a “word of the day” delivered to our computer’s inbox every single morning. It comes from Merriam Webster, who I understand is a dictionary company.

These are not things I know much about, really.

Or care about for that matter.

But I do like sounding like I know things.

Because in truth, I do know quite a lot.

And, I live in that kind of home.

My peeps value education.

I usually see the “word of the day” when Jean is checking her email first thing in the morning. She’s trying to drink coffee and I’m trying to get petted.

We usually both manage to get what we need.

That’s when I sometimes take a peek at her email. I know I shouldn’t be reading other people’s mail, but…

It’s how I learned that I am a grimalkin.

It means an aging (ouch) female domestic cat.

Well, I’m not sure I like the aging part, but it is kind of, sort of true.

So, I’m a grimalkin.

I like the sound of it.

What new words have you learned?

Send them to me and I’ll make a list on my Wednesday postings.

Happy Wednesday!