It’s Wednesday and that means time to hear from Mija.

The first few months of my kittenhood were spent with the wrong people. I’m not even sure how I got there. I tend to forget unpleasant things.

One day when I was about five months old they moved and left me all alone, outside to fend for myself.

Things could have gone very bad.  Large dogs, coyotes or foxes could have gotten to me.

They didn’t.

I could have been hit by a car. I wasn’t.

I could have starved. I didn’t.

And why?

Because a kindly neighbor man took pity on me. He fed me and brought me into his house. He tried to like me. Really he did.

“I’m just not a cat person,” he would tell me.

As if I didn’t already know that.

He took me to a local veterinarian. It was a really nice place and I could have probably been quite happy living there. But it wasn’t to be.

I went home with two different families, only to be returned. It seems they didn’t care for my beautiful long hair.

That was a bit humiliating, until I told myself that they just weren’t the right ones.

I was waiting for my people, who I knew were coming.

They did come!

The minute we met, I knew these were the ones I’d been waiting for.

She held me and we instantly clicked. Of course I gave her my best purr and cuddling techniques just to seal the deal.

For almost fifteen years I’ve lived with people who love me beyond measure. And I love them the same.

I’d like to reach out to that neighbor. The man who wasn’t a cat person, and thank him for saving my life.

It was a simple act by one person that rippled into the lives of many. You wouldn’t be reading this blog post today if it weren’t for his act of kindness. He was a total stranger who just did the right thing.

I’m ever so grateful that he did.


Who have you touched today with kindness?

Happy Wednesday!