“Is that Appy yours?”

“We just love Bud. He’s so cute.”

“How’s old Bud doin’ these days?”

These are the comments we get on a regular basis when it comes to Bud. He’s always been the star of the pasture. He is Mr. Personality, and has several things in his favor. For one, he’s easy to find. He’s often been the only appaloosa in the group.

Or one of a very select few.

And his white blanket is easy to see when you’re looking into the pasture. We can even spot him from the highway when we drive past, unlike Miss Pepper, who kind of blends in with the other dark horses.

Earlier in the week I gave you ten things about Miss. P. It’s only fitting that I share my list of ten about Bud.

  1. Bud has an innate sweetness about him. You can see it in the expression on his face. Sweet, easy going, and good- natured are words that describe the Budster.
  2. Bud is loyal. His devotion to Pepper is heart warming. Even when she chooses to be with her Mustang boyfriend, Bud remains with her.
  3. In the glory days, Bud was a leader. He worked hard to be the alpha of the herd. And he deserved it. He was a force to be reckoned with.
  4. Bud has graciously allowed any and all children to sit or ride on him. No complaints. We absolutely trust him.
  5. Bud is a good eater. He is a charter member of the “clean pan club.” There have only been a handful of times when he didn’t slick up every bit of grain in his pan.
  6. He has a sweet tooth, and is fond of Ranchway Horse Candy and sweet feed. Neither of which are very good for him with the Cushing’s Disease. But we still give him a little. His enthusiasm for snacks is quite entertaining.
  7. Bud absolutely adores Rick. When he hears Rick’s whistle, which isn’t much of a whistle at all, Bud comes running. Granted it usually also means food. (See number 5 above.) They’ve been together a long time though, and their bond is clear.
  8. Bud is solid, dependable, and predictable. He is the epitome of the Midwestern value system. (Kind of like Rick. Hmm…)
  9. Bud has a heart the size of Texas. He wants to please us and will keep going if we ask him. These days we don’t ask much, except to help him enjoy his life. But in the old days, he was a worker.
  10. Bud is an old soul. You can see it in the depth of his eyes. He knows things about how the world works. I actually think he is a mystic. And I feel blessed to know him.

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your list of ten about your animals? I’d love to hear.