Wednesdays With Mija

My Wednesday greeting is coming to you from a cozy spot in the sun, on the bed. It’s been busy around our house this week. Little did I know that the hoopla related to having the carpets cleaned that I told you about last week was only a prelude to what was to come.

We had house guests which is  never my favorite event.

This time something was new.

I had a baby staying in my guestroom.

Man oh man, could he make noise!

It wasn’t bad really. Just loud.

Very loud.

Banging a metal spoon on everything.

Squealing and laughing.

Clanging measuring cups together.


And Again.

And Again!

It was enough to give anyone a headache.

And a privacy-loving, solitude-seeking feline?

I chose to hide out under the king-size bed.

I know I wasn’t being very sociable.But it seemed like the best course of action for me.

So now he’s gone and peace reigns once again in our house.

As for me, I’m catching up on lost time in the sun.

Napping will soothe almost anything.

If you haven’t tried it recently, I suggest you do. You’ll be amazed at how comforting it is to stretch out in the sun, close your eyes and just relax.


Happy Wednesday!