Yikes! It’s already Wednesday and that means a potcast from Mija. She’s coming to you this week from another of her favorite pots on her patio. As mentioned in previous posts, she rotates as the mood strikes her.

Or the sun.

Or the wind.

Or the noise.

Tuesday was a rough day for Mija. The entirety of her indoor world was tossed wildly into the air, landing in a disturbing jumble.

You may wonder what caused this disorganization in the life of our little earless feline. The carpet cleaners arrived.

For almost twenty-four hours, nothing in the house was the same.

Her purple fleece bed? Nowhere to be found.

Her favorite chair? Shoved into the dining room and piled with couch pillows.

Her toy basket? Missing.

The king size bed that she shares with her peeps? Piled with books and other human paraphernalia.

For some reason unknown to Mija, all of the furniture was piled into the dining room, making it terribly hard to get around.

And there was NO PLACE to cuddle up for a mid morning nap.

Inside the house, that is.

Ever the resourceful girl, Mija found a lovely spot in one of the chairs on the deck.

She could have used earplugs for the hour or so when the men with that awful machine were making so much noise.

And little house slippers to protect her paws from the damp carpet.

But otherwise, she adapted.

She made do.

Quite nicely. And with a large measure of grace.

If her people wanted to do this crazy thing, they must have a good reason. At least that’s what she told herself between yawns.

Her lesson? Trust the people you love because they’re doing the best they can. If they made a decision you don’t understand or agree with, give them the benefit of the doubt.

And when life tosses you (or your belongings) into the air, you can choose to land, and handle it, with grace.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that last Wednesday, Mija was  a guest blogger at World By the Tail. She hates to gloat, but wants to point out that the horses have yet to be asked for a guest blog post. Thanks to all the great folks at World by the Tail. Check them out!