Is there anything more lovely than a summer evening? The sun goes down, taking with it the heat of the day. And in it’s place comes the healing balm of evening. Everything is softer.

People are more relaxed; the horses content to quietly graze.

It’s as if the earth issues a collective sigh telling us that all is well.

I once heard a speaker say that twilight is the time when the heavens kiss the earth.

It certainly feels that way in the pasture.

The light is ethereal, the ground seems to breathe and there is peace.

Summer evenings often take me back to my childhood when I spent hours playing outside with my sister and friends.

We’d play hide and seek, many variations of good guy-bad guy games, all kinds of make believe scenarios, and a goodly share of just hanging out laughing, talking and exploring.

Those were good days – even great days.

No worries.

No fears.

Just being in the glorious moment of summer.

I wonder if kids today still revel in summer evenings outdoors. There are so many electronic diversions to keep them inside.

It’s one more thing I love about being with my horses. It requires me to get up from my desk, leave the house and engage in life.

In the pasture I hear the meadowlarks call to each other, the hawks warning me to steer clear of their nests and babies, and the humming of insects.

I feel the heat of the day rise up from the ground into my feet.

The pasture has a summer aroma– one I can’t fully describe. It’s a combination of hay, humidity and horses. The smells mingle into something that immediately calms me and makes me feel welcome and at ease.

I want to give that scent to you, so that you have the same experience.

Of course, I know that’s impossible.

Instead I’ll give you these pictures of a summer evening in the pasture.

Peace to you my friends.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.