Mija "potcasting"

While we can’t imagine your cardiologist actually saying these words, he or she could.

And probably should.

There’s some very interesting research, first reported a couple of years ago, that Mija wants you to know about.

In a ten-year study of over 4000 people at the University of Minnesota, researchers found that owning a cat reduced risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke by a whopping 30%.

Now the question here, among others, is: Does one ever really own a cat? Mija would say resoundingly “no!”

If anything, it’s more like cats own you.

So Mija would alter the wording of the study’s findings to read, “loving a cat and being loved by a cat reduces your chances of dying of a stroke or heart attack.

She hasn’t checked this out with the researchers, but she’s pretty sure they’d approve.

I mean really. Owning a cat. How barbaric!

It’s all in the purr baby.

It’s been speculated that cats have an edge over dogs when it comes to health benefits because they provide extra relief from stress by sitting on your lap and purring.  And providing the opportunity for continuous petting.

It’s a win-win.

Your stress melts away and your cat gets a long, lovely massage.

As Mija notes, “With dogs there’s all that activity. They want to jump on you and run around. And that barking. Sheesh! How can anyone relax with that?”

Mija is really not one to badmouth other species. She knows there’s room for everyone on this planet.

But she’s gloating a little over the results of this study.

So spend time today with your cat. Your heart will thank you.

So will hers. (Or his.)

And, if you don’t have a cat, pet your dog. It’s all good.

Happy Wednesday!