“The relationship between girls and horses is one of the most mysterious of human attachments.”

– Robert Vavra, Photographer

What is it about girls and horses?

They love them!

We love them!

It’s not that boys and men don’t care about horses, because obviously they do. But there seems to be a special bond between women and their horses.

There’s plenty of speculation as to why.

Some experts suggest it is a power thing. Horses are after all big and powerful animals. And to be able to control one, by default makes the girl doing the controlling, also powerful.

Other experts say it’s a nurturing thing. Females are more likely to be the caregivers – the ones to nurture everyone else.  I know that’s an overly generalized statement, because I know men who give women a run for their money in the caregiving department. But typically, females are more about creating and maintaining relationships.

Yet another theory is that riding horses is an equal opportunity sport – men and women can compete on a relatively level playing field.

And then there was good old Dr. Sigmund Freud who theorized that a woman’s relationship with a horse had a strong sexual component.

Not going there today!

We recently invited friends and their granddaughter to come with us to visit the horses.

You can tell from the photographs that she had a wonderful time. So much so, in fact, she asked for a second visit.

From the beginning, it was a mutual love fest. Our little band of characters knew from the get go that this was an “okay person.” They nudged and nuzzled and begged and drooled. As for the granddaughter –  she was blissed out.

No fear.

No hesitation.

She seemed to also know that these horses wouldn’t hurt her.

Oh, we gave her the usual speech about precautions around the horses. And I kept my eye on her the whole time.

But really, she, and every horse, was just fine.

Watching them together with such joy and abandon was a gift.

What about you? Have you had a childhood experience with horses?

I’d love to hear about it.