Just living is not enough, said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

Hans Christian Anderson

It’s Wednesday and that means another potcast from Mija.

You may notice that she is sending her message to you from a different pot this week.

In fact, she has three pots in different locations in the yard that she rotates between. In the heat of summer, she favors lying in the shade. And a bed of potting soil that has been slightly dampened makes excellent air conditioning.

Mija is a big fan of gardens. She spends some part every spring, summer and fall day enjoying her outdoor domain.

It’s why I have to work from home!

Mija can be cranky when she misses out on her daily sojourn in the garden.

And really, it’s a small thing to give her time with the flowers.

Pure delight.

She approaches the garden as if she were the duchess of an English manor house.

She doesn’t work in the garden, mind you.

She has a household staff to do such menial tasks. (That would be me.)

What Mija does is enjoy the garden.

Every day.

To the fullest.

If I weren’t so busy weeding, watering and deadheading, I’d have more time to lounge in the garden too.

Is there a lesson here?

It is good to be queen…

Happy Wednesday!