Remember running through the sprinklers when you were a kid?

I do.

Even in Cheyenne, Wyoming we had enough hot summer days to warrant dragging out the hose, hooking up a sprinkler head, changing into a swim suit, and then working up the courage to actually get wet.

Oh, the rush of adrenalin.

The onslaught of self -talk.

“Here I go. Don’t push me. One, two, three.”


“Four. Okay, now I’m really going.”

The laughter.

The all-round fun of it.

Talk about cheap thrills! Childhood is good for that.

Last Friday we had one of those “so close to 100 degrees, it may as well have been” days. By the time we went to feed Bud and Pepper in the late afternoon, the heat felt like a brick wall that just slammed into me.

My two old sweeties came when they saw me – even though it meant leaving the shade. I’d found them in the shed, which has become their standard hideout on these hot days.

But when they got to the feed pans, they had little interest in eating.

Pepper was agitated. She couldn’t settle down and focus on eating. I thought her respiration seemed off –  it was a little too rapid.

And the sweat on Bud had made his coat stiff. With the Cushing’s Disease, he has never fully shed out, so we have to be extra vigilant about his body heat.

It was time for a run through the sprinkler.

Kind of.

Rick borrowed a hose that led to the watering system in the adjacent pasture.

I led Pepper to the water first. She was suspicious to say the least, even though she’s had many baths in her lifetime.

“What are you doing to me?” She tried to back away, but I held her firmly.

She tolerated the water. Deep inside, I think she liked it, but she wasn’t about to let us know that. She was doing the cranky mare thing, which she has down pat.

Here’s the thing: I know it was a good thing, because when I led her back to her food, she ate. She was calmer. And to my eye,  her respiration seemed back to normal.


Bud was next. I had to pull him away from finishing off Pepper’s grain. I guess the heat hadn’t affected his appetite too much!

Bud likes getting wet.

And he’s not as worried about the world as Pepper.

Rick was able to hold the hose and Bud while I snapped pictures.

And so today, when we are slated to have another hot one, I leave you with this image.

Bud in the sprinkler stayin’ cool.

Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Go in coolness my friends.