I’m looking for an inventor.

Someone who can make a popsicle for horses.

Preferably one that has a dose of bute contained in its frosty deliciousness.

Of course I have no idea if Miss Pepper would even take one lick of such a creation. Though yesterday, I was pretty sure she could be tempted.

I was going to an evening event, so had to make my way to the pasture in the late afternoon. It was hot.

Really hot.

That time between 4PM – 5:30 or 6 is just plain nasty.

And that was exactly the time I was trying to interest my old sweeties in eating.

They were waiting at the gate, which I thought was a good sign since time was an issue. Lately I’ve had to search them out – they’re usually in the shade of the shed or the stand of old cottonwood trees.

But no, there they were at the gate. And they marched right out to their feed pans. Bud tucked into his grain without a moment’s hesitation. No surprises there.

Pepper on the other hand, wasn’t so interested. She looked into her feed pan and sighed.

“Grain, again?”

Then she nosed around the back of the vehicle, searching out her much-loved alfalfa cubes. She pulled the bucket toward her, spilling the contents.


She did have a slight look of remorse on her face.

I swirled the grain hoping to make it more appealing.

She took a nibble or two. Then back to the cubes, which required her to stretch her neck into the back of car. I thought I could outsmart her by moving the bucket of hay cubes.

So much for that plan.

She wasn’t interested in eating dry old grain. It was just too hot. She nosed around her feed pan once more and then walked away. She circled the car, nibbled a little grass and a bit of hay that had fallen into the road. And then she stood in front of the gate, only this time asking to be let back into the pasture.

“Are you sure you’re finished?” I asked as I stroked her neck. “How about just a bite more?’

“No thank you. I’m finished.” She nudged the gate and I let her in.

When I got back to the car, I noticed that Bud was just finishing Pepper’s grain.

I guess the heat wasn’t getting to him. And a dose of bute can’t hurt.

It’s supposed to get over 100 this weekend. Think of me as I look for a new way to get Pepper’s meds into her.

Horse popsicles are sounding pretty good.