More than twenty years ago, long before email was a way of life, before Facebook and MySpace and Twitter were part of the daily vernacular, I was invited to contribute to a round robin kind of exercise. Ten of us participated, and we were asked to compose a list of twenty-five things people didn’t know about us. Somehow we passed the lists among ourselves, though the details of exactly how have escaped my memory.

I can clearly remember thinking hard about what to include and then typing the list on my computer. This was back in the day when computers were mainly glorified typewriters.

My goodness we’ve come a long way haven’t we?

Raspberries growing in my yard.

Today, I have a vivid memory of two of my inclusions. The first, and still one of my top twenty-five, is raspberries.

I absolutely love them.

Come to find out both of my sisters love raspberries too. I don’t remember eating them as a kid, so I’m not sure where the family connection comes from, but it’s there.

My older sister lives in Texas where raspberries are hard to come by. Too hot I guess. She talks about buying a tiny half-pint of fresh raspberries for an exorbitant price at least once or twice a season.

Then of course, she eats them swimming in half-and-half, though these days it’s the non-fat version. We got the love of cream from our mother. For her, cream was one of the four major food groups. And she passed that love right on to her three daughters.

Some years back I planted three raspberry bushes in my yard. No more grocery store raspberries for me. I’d found a source at the Farmer’s Market, but they sold out quickly and I frequently missed out. Now, I am my own source.

That sounds somehow mystical doesn’t it?

Anyway, it’s time. The raspberries are coming on and I’m in ecstasy. Every day I go out and pluck the ripe ones from the bushes and pop them in my mouth.

Occasionally I can hold back and get enough to actually put in a bowl with cream.

Sometimes I even share them with my husband.

Or put them in a fruit salad or on my cereal.

But honestly, in my opinion, raspberries are best with cream.

I saw a new recipe this week that uses raspberries. It’s an ice cream soda for grown-ups. Place a scoop of really good ice cream in a tall glass and top with raspberries. Then drizzle sparkling wine over the whole shebang.

Okay, that sounds decadent and pretty darned good.

I may have to try it this weekend. It does have the cream and raspberry combo.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back Monday with more stories from the pasture and Mija.