These days, part of our daily routine is spraying both horses with fly repellant. The flies have been present in full force lately. It’s probably due, at least in part, to our wonderfully lush spring.

Flies, flowers, hay, hay fever – it’s all been over the top.

The flies do their best to annoy the horses. They are little blood-suckers and go for tender areas, hovering around eyes and noses, flanks, lower legs and sweet under-bellies. These are places horses can’t typically reach. Pepper always has a colony of flies under her belly. I guess they like that cool, dark, tender spot.

The bites can be painful, especially for horses that have a low fly tolerance. Thank goodness, both of our sweet old things handle the flies pretty well. Oh, they stamp their feet and swish their tails almost constantly. Bud is at a slight disadvantage because his tail is so short. But he manages.

It has to be really irritating. Kind of like the mosquitoes that hover around humans.

So we spray and hope that for at least the next twenty-four hours, the little vampires will be held off. Somewhat.

We use a natural repellant that is easy on the skin and hard on the flies. It’s called CLAC Deo- Lotion. It comes from Germany. We mix it with water so a bottle lasts quite a long time. One real benefit is that it smells really nice, unlike some of the poisons that folks put on their animals. We try our best to use animal and earth friendly products.

As I’m spraying the horses I sometimes wish I had a spray that would hold my annoying thoughts at bay. You know the ones I mean – those little niggling phrases that you repeat over and over in your mind.

“Why did I do that?” or “Why didn’t I do that?” “If only I’d been smarter, or prettier or thinner or richer or ??” Those nasty little thoughts that sneak up and bite us when we’re not looking.  Kind of like the flies on Pepper’ belly.

I think it could be a bestseller?

Think of the marketing opportunities.

Never have another annoying thought with our thought neutralizing spray. One spritz and those unhealthy ideas go bye-bye.

A spray a day keeps bad thoughts away!

Start your morning with Thought Be Gone and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful day.

Anybody know someone with Ph.D.’s in psychology and chemistry?

We could be on to something big.