We’re coming up on the July fourth weekend. Here in Colorado we’ve had a spectacular start to the summer.

Gardens are bursting with color, prairies are still amazingly quite green, the pasture grass is good, and the temperature reminds us that yes indeed, it is summer.

Two people who are very dear to me are having birthdays this weekend.

A huge Happy Birthday goes out to my mother-in-law Anne and one of my favorite girls in the whole world – Kaia.

The horses are spending much of their time in the shed out of the sun, or grazing in a stand of old cottonwoods in the pasture. They know enough to find shade. I’ve switched my schedule to an early evening feeding and we all like it better.

So it’s a deep breath to inhale all that summer goodness and a peek ahead at a weekend of potato salad, barbecue and fireworks.

Take care, be safe and I’ll be back on Monday.

Until then, enjoy these random photos of my summer.

Please note the delicious grass peeking out of Bud's mouth.

Our neighborhood duck and Mija enjoying the pond.

First cutting baled and ready for winter.