It’s Wednesday and time for another potcast from Mija.

She and I were having a cat to human conversation the other day about how she could possibly be the tiniest bit like our horses.

I know it’s a stretch, but work with her here.

What she came up with was that she and the horses like to roll in the dirt.

In fact, I’d have to say that Mija actually revels in getting dirty. Hence her many nicknames: dirt bag, dirt burger, dirt-diver, and dirty-girl.

All said, you understand, with the utmost affection.

All received the same way.

Sometime I wonder why I have little globs of dirt on the couch, or stuck to the carpet. Then I look at our dirt reveler and shake my head. “Now I remember.”

Take a look at these photos captured by our friend Serene and then come to your own conclusion. Mija has certainly made rolling in the dirt into performance art. I think Bud and Pepper could learn a thing or two. Though they get pretty excited about a good dirt bath too.

Are we humans too worried about staying clean? Maybe we’re missing something? What do you think?

Photo credit: Serene Calkins

It’s a nice day for a roll in the dirt, don’t you agree?

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

Ah… that’s it. Sun on my face, a carpet of dirt to rest on. Life is good, I tell you. Really good.

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

Maybe just a twist of the head. There, that’s better. 100% relaxation. Take notes people. You can learn from this!

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

Getting some nice dirty bits on my cute pink tummy.

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

Utter perfection! Now I’ll just take these back into the house and share them with my peeps. They love my little gifts.

Mija’s take away for you this week: Get yourself out right smack dab in the middle of life. And never be afraid of getting your hands (or other parts) dirty.

Hey, it all washes.