It’s Wednesday and already time for another potcast from Mija. Man, those weeks go fast!

Especially in the summer.

Mija wanted to tell you about one of her very most favorite snacks.

In fact, these days, it’s her only snack.

A couple of Christmas seasons ago, a friend of mine, from now on referred to as “the dealer” – as in drug dealer, introduced Mija to Dried Bonito Flakes from a company in Washington called interestingly, Cat-Man-Doo.

They’ve never heard of Mija, or me even though we contribute heavily to their success.

Mija likes to start her day out with a few flakes.

Dried Bonito Flakes from Cat Man Doo

Photo by Serene Calkins

And then she likes another little taste in the early afternoon.

Kind of like some people crave coffee.

Yes, that’s it. Bonito flakes are Mija’s caffeine fix.

One of the up sides to having no ears is that she can really get her head into the container and lap up every delicious flake.

She’s not proud when it comes to snacks.

Not these snacks.

If you look closely at the photo below where she’s gazing out the back door, you can see a tiny bit of flake on the edge of her mouth.

Isn’t that cute?

Photo by Serene Calkins

Mija’s take away message for this Wednesday:

When you really love something, do NOT deny yourself.

It only makes you grumpy.

If you like it – eat it.

In moderation of course.

Jean’s note:

Mija can make a large container of bonito flakes last quite awhile.

Otherwise, she’d have to get a job to support her habit.

And everyone knows that cats don’t get jobs. That’s why they live with humans.

Silly me…