I was going through a box of old photos this week. It’s always a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I get caught in the past, staring at how I used to look, which for one thing is younger – much younger.

And in most pictures, it was thinner.

Sad but true!

Another trap I sometimes fall into with old photos is feeling melancholy. Things just aren’t the same for any of us. Life is not necessarily better or worse, but its usually different.

Change happens and nowhere is that more apparent than in a box of photographs from one’s past. Some days I handle it better than others.

Perhaps it’s looking at people I’ve lost track of, or loved ones who are no longer living.

Perhaps it’s a sense of time racing past me. The dreams that fueled my youth may not seem quite as attainable now.

Change often means loss.

And its sidekick, grief.

Those are a couple of tough feelings to handle.

Bud at two weeks.

As I was sorting and sifting through my past, I came upon two lovely, wonderful glimpses of Bud.

I didn’t know him as a baby, so these photographs are really fun. You can see his personality from the get go.

I wonder what he’d be thinking if he could see these pictures? Would he feel sad at time lost?

Or discouraged at seeing the abundance of gray creeping into his coat?

I doubt it. Bud is much better than I am at living in the moment. Accepting today for what it is.

A handsome five-year-old.

And really, who cares about a few more pounds or the obvious passage of time?

Do I?

I’m trying not to.

How about you?