I first noticed that something was off when I was driving home from feeding. I couldn’t put a finger on it. I was just keenly aware of an unusual smell wafting my way. This didn’t seem to be any of the usual culprits that go with horse keeping.

You know what I’m talking about, right?


Honestly, horse manure doesn’t smell that bad. I won’t get into all the details – you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or go to a barn and do your own smell check.

Most horse people actually like the assorted odors that come with horses. The leather, horse sweat, hay and manure all smell sweet to a horse person.

I’m serious.

Would I joke about something so, well, so intimate?


I became even more confused when the mystery smell followed me home.

I began to think it might be me.

How could that be?

I am quite conscientious when it comes to hygiene. Some might even say that I am overly conscientious. I do have a large number of lotions and potions – all to keep me from turning into a mummy.

Hey, it’s dry here in the west!

I started to do my own smell check.

I sniffed my shirt, thinking it may have been victim to a “too long in the washer” accident that I occasionally have.

Nope. The shirt smelled fresh and kind of lemony.


Also passed the sniff test.

I turned my head toward my armpit and sniffed.

Come on now. You know you’ve done this at least once in your life.

All I could smell was my deodorant.


That’s when I figured out that the offensive smell went away when I wasn’t wearing my pasture shoes.

You may think I’m a bit slow to only now have arrived at that conclusion.

Perhaps I am.

It was the shoes!

My poor old athletic shoes that had once carried me through my sister’s aerobics classes and miles of walks were now relegated to pasture shoes.

Shoes that didn’t smell so good anymore.

I want to thank Carolann from Lady Hawk Llamas for the reminder about this particular shoe problem.

Apparently she’s had a similar experience. Ah, the joys of living with animals

By the way, check out her website. Not only does she raise llamas, she paints the most beautiful gourds, and grows lavender. She’s a multi-talented woman.

And if you wondered, I’m still wearing the shoes.

You might want to stand up wind of me if we happen to meet in the pasture. Especially if the weather is damp.