I seem to be on a food kick lately. Hope you don’t mind.

We’ve been part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for several years now. Every week from June through October we pick up our share of veggies from Happy Heart Farm. It’s a wonderful way to eat local, support small business farmers, and have a supply of fresh, organic, delicious vegetables. The lettuce we’re enjoying right now has only traveled a few miles from field to our table. It’s wonderful – tender and sweet.

So right now at the farm the greens are coming on like gangbusters. Over the course of the growing season we typically get a lot of kale and chard. Both are power-packed veggies, so good for a person it ought to be illegal to eat them.

My husband agrees with the making them illegal part, though for a different reason. He’s suffering from chard/kale burnout. This isn’t a good thing so early in the season. He/we have many servings of kale in our summer future.

Last year the kale and chard were prolific. Every week I’d carry armfuls home from the farm. I steamed it, braised it, put it in soups and stews, and even ate it raw in a few salads. Neither of us was fond of that last option.

I don’t think Rick is alone in his lukewarm relationship with kale and chard. I’m betting most men would land on Rick’s side if a vote were taken. For some reason, men don’t really love greens. I know I’m making a sweeping generalization here, and I welcome your comments to the contrary. But in my small sample of one or two men, kale and chard always lose.

The noble mustang waiting for treats

Remember Red, Pepper’s mustang boyfriend? He’d be on Rick’s side.

I’ve talked about the alfalfa cubes and how Miss Pepper loves them. I’ve told you how Rick plays hay cube toss to entertain him and the horses.

And me!

The one horse out of our little band that isn’t thrilled with the cubes of dried green is Red.

The mustang.

Proud traveler of the plains.

Wild man of the west.

This bad boy has a sweet tooth the size of Nevada. He and Bud share a fondness for Horse Candy. When I hand out treats, Red is first in line, waiting not too patiently for his share of the sweet morsels.

Every so often I slip in a hay cube. And most of the time, Red spits it out. The look of disappointment in his eyes is almost painful to me.

If I weren’t smiling, that is. It kind of amuses me.

Does that make me a bad person?

I hope not.

The way his face looks when he gets that first bite of alfalfa cube looks very similar to Rick when he sees that kale is on our dinner table. Perhaps the only difference is that Rick doesn’t spit it out. In fact, he graciously eats whatever I cook. He’s learned that about making marriage work!

And I’m grateful.

How about you and your family? Greens eaters or no?