Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in many offices, with many co-workers.

I’ve had to meet other people’s standards, follow rules and various protocols, sit through performance evaluations and produce.

Always produce.

These days I’m my own boss. I work from home and my co-workers, for the most part, are horses. Today I thought I’d offer you a look at our office politics.

We’ve been waiting for you.

Can’t start the meeting until you get here.

You did remember the coffee didn’t you?

Here’s what I think of your idea. Horse pucky!

She liked my report. She said it was good.

Will the five of you serve on the committee to plan the Christmas party?

Stop talking! I’m trying to hear what she is saying.

Equine espionage.

“What are they doing?”

“Shhh. Just observe.

Try to look natural.

We’ll compare notes when we get back to the barn.”

Can you believe she wore that to the office? The woman has no taste!

Just remember, I’m keeping my eye on you.

What do you think they’re deciding in there? Am I going to get the raise?

Does any of this sound familiar to you and your work situation?