What would life be like without snacks? Those little morsels of wonderfulness that on some days are the only thing that make life worth living.

A bit too dramatic?

I guess it’s my mood.

I’m feeling dramatic.

Or is it melodramatic?

Or is it stressed?

Yeah, that’s it. I’m stressed.

And when I’m stressed, I crave sugar. I’m not proud of this, but it’s true. I wish I could say I crave carrots, or broccoli or edamame.

But I don’t. What I want is licorice.

Red Twizzlers to be precise.

I have my sister to blame for this evil food craving. She’s the one who introduced me to Twizzlers.

I went most of my adult life without knowing how that sticky red goodness would feel in my mouth.

No more. Thanks Jane!

I even gave Twizzlers to the protagonist in the mystery I’m writing, just so I could “research” them. I’d read somewhere that when she is writing a new story, Janet Evanovich cranks up the tunes and eats the same junk food as her protagonist, Stephanie Plum.

Just to get in the mood of the character.

It’s in the name of art.

Back in December I was working on a deadline, making a mosaic table. It had to be finished by Christmas, and that meant late nights and lots of Twizzlers.

I made the deadline and didn’t OD on licorice.

And I could still wear my pants.

But I ate a lot of those red twisty babies.

Pepper’s love these days is alfalfa cubes. Little squares of green goodness that make her heart sing. I’m all for anything that makes my girl happy. At her age, the pleasures are simple.

Once she’s eaten most of her grain (the healthy stuff) I break up a couple of alfalfa cubes and toss them into her feed pan. She seems to like the game of “find the cube.” I love hearing the crunch she makes as she bites into a cube.

It’s meditative.


Then I toss in a few more. And maybe, one or two more.

She lets me know when she’s had enough.

She walks away.

That method doesn’t work as well with me and Twizzlers. Knowing when I’ve had enough doesn’t always correlate with stopping eating them. I could use a bit of Pepper’s horse sense.

Instead, I simply don’t keep Twizzlers in the house.


And now you know even more about me than you ever wanted to know.


This has been a week of self- disclosure. Apparently I’ve needed that.

Anything you’d care to share about your favorite snacks?

P.S. I’m not promoting Twizzlers or alfalfa cubes. Just for the record.