I finally had to yield to the urgings of “her diva-ship” and give her a day to offer her thoughts to the world.

We’re calling her weekly posts potcasting because sitting in a pot on the patio is one of Mija’s favorite summer activities.

Besides, she loves all things technological and is a regular little propellerhead.

Well maybe not so much.

But we both got a chuckle about the play on words.

Mija will be potcasting about how humans can squeeze every possible bit of enjoyment out of life, from her perspective of watching us for her entire life of 15 cat years. She’s a keen observer of people and knows quite a lot.

Just ask her!

For her first message she wants you to pay particular attention to her lovely sign, “Peace Now.” It’s the work of northern Colorado artist Lisa Hoffman, in case you want to get one for your own patio, and be reminded to slow down and find some peace in yourself.

This morning I was working at the computer in my home office. I was concentrating as I clacked away at the keys. I was on a roll. At least I thought so.

Then I heard a rising crescendo of meowing coming from the doorway. Mija stared at me and meowed until I pushed away from the desk, walked  to her and picked her up.

Meowing stopped.

Purring started.

Mija’s takeaway message for you:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you have to sit at that awful machine and not pay attention to your animals and/or family, at least schedule frequent breaks.

Preferably with a cat. A dog will do in a pinch. A baby works if you have no animal options.

It would be a shame to let summer pass you by, just because you thought you had to get something done.

Stop and sniff the catnip baby.

Until next Wednesday….