I’ve been on a quest to notice the wildness in my life and make it part of my everyday experience. And once I started to notice, to pay attention to everything around me, I immediately began to feel more connected to the natural world.

What I realized, or remembered, is that it doesn’t have to be a big event – a wilderness trip or some other kind of organized outing. I don’t have to be in the mountains, or Utah’s Canyonlands (one of my favorite places on the planet) or the beach in Mexico (another favorite) to experience wildness, although some of my best times have been in these places.

It’s around me all the time. It’s around you too.

My time in the pasture with Bud and Pepper has given me a daily experience with nature and I am constantly grateful for every minute with those two characters. But I don’t want to grow complacent, using that time as my only connection to nature and the wildness of the world.

Photo courtesy of istockphotos.com

This past weekend my sister and I were exhibiting our mosaic art at a Mother’s Day show hosted by a greenhouse in Lyons, Colorado.

Our display area was outside, tucked among the shrubs that were for sale. Along the pergola that framed the area were birdfeeders.

Busy birdfeeders.

Their main customers were redwing blackbirds. They came in droves to nibble the seed and serenade us. I’m used to seeing one or two redwing blackbirds in the outlying fields or wetland areas in town. But I’ve never seen so many at one time or been close enough to hear them sing.

It was magical.

If I hadn’t been standing outside in essentially the same location for two days, I would have missed this amazing experience.

And now when I need a boost, I can close my eyes and hear birdsong and see that flash of scarlet on a glistening black wing. And for a brief moment, I feel wild, and unfettered.

It’s what I crave these days.

How about you?