Some women don’t like to celebrate their birthdays. Especially those where the candles on the cake create a blaze! Women are funny about age.

We act like it’s something to be ashamed of when we reach 40, 50, and god forbid, 60! But really, isn’t it something to celebrate? Pepper would certainly say so.

Over the weekend she celebrated her 28th birthday.

Its true, she doesn’t look like a young mare anymore. And yes, she has arthritis and more than a few other aches and pains. She doesn’t move as quickly as she used to.

But she still lives her life every single day. She follows her routine and knows how to be present with whatever the day brings.

I complain about the wind or rain or snow, but not Pepper. She simply accepts. I can learn from her. Yet again she is teaching me how to age with grace. Now if only I can apply it.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Alfalfa cubes for you all week!