The pasture is really greening up.We had a Midwestern-style thunderstorm last night, complete with rolling thunder, lightning, and a steady soft rain that lulled me to sleep and continued most of the night. It made for cozy sleeping. This morning when I stuck my head out the patio door to greet the morning, I saw mist rising off the lawn like little puffs of smoke. The air smelled fresh and earthy. And the grass seemed to magically change overnight from kind of green to unbelievably green!

I read recently, though I can’t remember exactly where, that green is the most popular color. Green is soothing, and connects us to nature – a connection that is missing for many people today, unless you count watching Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel on television. In my mind, that’s a pretty weak connection.

After what has seemed like a long, brown winter, my eyes have been starved for the green of spring. In the past couple of weeks, my hunger has been fed.

When I look over the tree line in town, I see the delicious, almost neon, spring green of willows coming back to life.  I seek them out as I drive, greedy to slurp up every glorious drop of green.

The horses are nearly giddy with the tiny shoots of green grass that have returned to the pasture. They wander into sections of pasture long avoided over the winter, just to nibble what must taste to them like nectar of the gods.

Horses are grazers. It’s what they do, so the winter with dry, barren pasture and two feedings of hay is hard on them. They pluck at brown shoots, mainly I suspect, to keep the boredom away. But there’s no nutrition in dead grass. They wait like refugees in a survivor’s camp, dependent on the kindness of their human friends to deliver the twice- daily feedings that keep them alive.

But now we’re heading into the season of abundance where Bud, Pepper and their friends can forage for themselves, and dip their velvety soft lips into oceans of green whenever they want.

The past two winters have been rough for Pepper. We’ve had trouble keeping weight on her, so I especially welcome spring for her. She can eat to her heart’s content, and hopefully convert all that delectable, luscious grass to calories and pounds.

Bon Appetit dear ones!

And Happy Earth Day.