Welcome to my world. That’s the world of a city girl (okay I’m being a bit free with the terms “girl” and “city” for that matter) who is learning about life from Bud and Miss Pepper –  two geriatric horses who share their lives with me and my husband. I’m going to let them guide me  as I examine life, love, family, aging, and whatever else seems relevant.

If you’re interested in horses, the west, and life in the specific and the general, I’m betting you’ll find something to entertain or irritate you here! I’m not going to try to be irritating you understand, but sometimes it happens. You could ask my husband for details, though I think he knows enough not to provide them :-).

This is a photo of me and Miss Pepper one snowy afternoon in the pasture. She’s my girl and I can really relate to the whole “cranky mare” thing she has going. I can relate really well. But that’s a story for another time.

One more thing for our introductions: I’m quite likely to lapse into anthropomorphizing (attributing human experiences to animals) on occasion. So be prepared. And if you hate that, this may not be the place for you. But I hope you don’t and we can have a lovely, interesting, thought-provoking, funny time together here. Tomorrow I start telling tales from the pasture and my life. You don’t want to miss it.